«Sheer listening pleasure, with such a wealth of sonic delicacy, rhythmic precision and joyfully exuberant musicianship!»
(DRS 2 Kulturtipp)

«This was a sensational concert-hall discovery! (...) Each of the pianists has an impressive solo-career and, notwithstanding the individual profile of each artist, as a quartet they form an orchestral unity of immense precision, homogenity and imaginative phrasing.»
(Vorarlberg Online)

«What the Gershwin Piano Quartet presented to us was unique (...) It set new standards, not only optically, but the performance of these 4 exceptionally talented pianists was entirely convincing in its blend of extreme precision and boundless musical zest.»
(Liechtensteiner Vaterland)

«André Desponds, Mischa Cheung, Benjamin Engeli and Stefan Wirth, all soloists and multiple prize-winners, manage to bridge the gap between classical music and jazz with creativity and charm (...) The different personalities, which could not have been better casted as a �Boygroup�, engage in a playful tossing of notes and phrases from one to another and deliver an impressive �quadrophonic» interpretation.»
(Der Landbote)
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