The Gershwin Piano Quartet sheds new light on the music of George Gershwin. It features 4 pianists on 4 grand pianos, playing, arranging and improvising on some of Gershwin's most popular songs and orchestral works, such as Rhapsody in Blue, Porgy and Bess, An American in Paris and I Got Rhythm. The originals are rescored for the unfamiliar combination of 4 pianos by the members of the quartet themselves and make for a novel and exciting listening and viewing experience.

The Gershwin Piano Quartet was founded by André Desponds in 1996. It has presented its program in Europe, South America, Canada, China and the Middle East with great success and to broad critical acclaim. Some of the places where the Quartet has performed include the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival (Germany), the KKL Lucerne (Switzerland), the Festival de Menton (France), the Athens International Festival (Greece), the Baalbek International Festival (Lebanon), the Oriental Art Center Shanghai (China), Tonhalle Zurich (Switzerland) and the Mozarteo Brasileiro in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

In its repertoire, the quartet does not limit itself solely to the music of Gershwin but also includes important works by some of Gershwin's contemporaries, namely Igor Stravinsky's Petrushka and Maurice Ravel's La Valse. In this way, the many cross-references between the old world and the new, between classical music and jazz, classical ballet and Broadway theater, become apparent, thus creating a lively and highly virtuosic concert evening.
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