«Gershwin appears in new, colourful and, at times, magical guises.»
(Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

«The four pianists did full justice to the American wanderer between classical and popular music. They were bursting with innovative ideas and esprit.»
(Lübecker Nachrichten)

«Virtuosity, dynamics, poetry, movement, but also musical intimacy, such qualities were to be experienced and enjoyed by the audience.»
(Nice Matin)

«At times it seemed that the four instruments were capable of replacing a full orchestra with all its nuances.»
(Giornale del Popolo)

«In the ever-young pieces of George Gershwin, the art of improvisation was apparent in all its ramifications as well as in the sensitive musical communication through eye-contact.»
(Oberösterreichiche Nachrichten)

«Even though each performer in the quartet has his own characteristics, one should praise the ensemble work that goes beyond any individual taste and sounds like a true community of souls.»
(Jornal do Tarde, Sao Paulo)

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