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Stefan Wirth is one of the most versatile Swiss musicians of his generation. As a soloist he has performed with the Czech Chamber Orchestra, the Bernese Chamber Orchestra and the Malaysian National Philharmonic Orchestra amongst others. As a vocal accompanist he has collaborated with artists such as Christoph Homberger and Thomas Hampson. He is especially dedicated to contemporary music, both as a composer and as a performer with the Collegium Novum, Zurich and the Ensemble Contrechamps, Geneva. Finally, he has also worked in theatre with directors such as Christoph Marthaler and Frank Castorf as composer, arranger and performer.

Stefan Wirth received his training as a pianist at the Konservatorium Zurich with Hadassa Schwimmer and Irwin Gage. He pursued his studies in the USA at the New England Conservatory, Boston and at Indiana University Bloomington, where he studied with Leonard Hokanson and received his Master’s Degree in 2001. He has won numerous prizes: at the Swiss National Youth Competition, from the American Society of Arts and Letters, or, together with the violinist Jakub Dzialak at the International Chamber Music Competition Thessaloniki. Additionally, he has participated in masterclasses with Homero Francesch and Bruno Leonardo Gelber.
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